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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Dream

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I'm going to start off with the most random question but it came to mind this weekend and if you want to know why, you're going to have to ask me. Would you go to a dentist who had bad teeth? Or a dermatologist with bad skin?

Most of my day yesterday felt like a dream. I stumbled out of bed at 4:21am, 39 minutes before my alarm would awaken me to that Verizon whistling tune. You know the one. I was hoping a shower would wake me up but I can't even remember the shower at this point. I made my way through the deserted streets of Hoboken. A young shoeless woman in her bar wear sat in front of the bakery on a bench, but she was not waiting for a bus. Late night, I'm guessing. There weren't too many people waiting for the 5:30, a security guard on his way home from his shift, and a guy in spandex with his bicycle. When I exited the PATH station at 9th street, a woman in a skin tight sequined dress was being held up by two men with slick hair and accents. I continued to walk down 9th in silence. My torso, a gold spark in the early morn. Made a left down 5th and a right down 10th. Parents were waiting for my arrival. My shift had begun. Six hours, a cop knocking on a motor-home,and two Mario Batali sightings later, my shift was over.

A few things I'd like to mention. I can't tell you how many residents came over to complain about the street parking situation. "If only the NYPD knew about this, they wouldn't stand for it either." To which I would reply "Hey, I'll go get the two NYPD who are standing up by the dorm entrance for you, okay?" This would follow with silence. Don't test me when I'm moving in Freshmen.

One of the more interesting things about move-in day are the familial interactions. Seeing the way different families deal with this important day; the departure, the sadness, the joy, the fear, the questions, the dreams, the new friendships...all of these ingredients are stirred together. Some mothers cry, others jump for joy. And if I had some of the parents I saw today for my parents, I'd probably be jumping for joy too.

And so now, students are back. No more line-free lunches, hello teachers' dirty looks.

Who said being a reporter was easy? Check out this hoe-down:

And in Ebook news...

In honey bee news, the electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phone towers seem to pose a threat to honey bees.

I've mentioned giving up my seat to pregnant women on the PATH at least 3 times a week. Well it turns out, Lynn Harris wrote a piece about pregnant women having trouble finding a seat on the subway.

Hope you have a great day...

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