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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Since When Is Selling Lemonade A Crime

I used to have a lemonade stand that I would put at the bottom of our driveway as a kid. I made a sign and got my money box and would push my lemonade to anyone who came by. I probably ended up drinking most of the lemonade myself, but it was fun. Kids enjoy making money and it's part of the learning process. I wonder how many kids with lemonade stands are now running their own business. Why all this talk of lemonade? Well because of the incident in Central Park, where a girl and her father were issued a $50 ticket for not having a permit. Good news though, the parks department is ripping up the ticket. They said the agent who issued the ticket was wrong and made a mistake. I think they should make that agent sit in the heat and sell lemonade for a day and give the proceeds to Clementine.

Now here's an important study...40 percent of Twitter messages are "pointless babble".

Yeah, and my cell phone opens my garage door.

Do you like Rock Band? I cannot wait for this!

Bacon Madness...must be the swine flu.

Awhile back I mentioned the Smurfs Movie, well now they are casting! I'm blue mm daba dee ya dabba dee...ah, forget it. Do you fit the part?

Seeking—Sophie: ages 8-10, a girl of great imagination and originality, though always appealing, she is often socially awkward and doesn't fit in with the other kids, she's smart and open, though she can be physically clumsy, when she discovers that the "doll" her father brought home from Belgium is actually a living, breathing Smurf, she takes "Clumsy" in as a member of the family and tries to get the household to embrace him and the rest of the Smurfs; Sam: 13-16 (to play 14-15), Sophie's brother, a good kid, but he's going through that phase where he can be difficult and withdrawn and retreat to his room to play video games, through his involvement in the Smurfs' quest to get home, he reconnects with his parents and sister.

I now leave you with this tres tres apropo clip:

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