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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time Traveling

I will be going to see a screening of The Time Traveler's Wife tonight so stay tuned for a review tomorrow. I am going into the movie with very little knowledge of the story/book which is what I prefer when I aim to review a film. This way I can't tell you that the book was so much better. It forces me to look at the film on it's own rather than as an adaptation if that makes sense.

The air quality was so bad last night I thought people would start passing out on the sidewalk. Luckily, the gym was air conditioned and completely empty. I watched a really interesting special on the Food Network about well, the success of the Food Network. How they strategized and made it the popular station it is today. I never really thought about the preparation that goes into the cooking shows. It's really incredible to hear about all the people behind the scenes of a show like that from the people who cook the food for the show to the people who make sure the food looks good on camera. They said that they learned that viewers love seeing a full television screen of food and they have special cameras that are only used for these extreme food close-ups.

Like strange things? Well then you'll like these photos.

I don't know why I keep on coming back to the subject of urine lately, but I have to share this.

We love Netflix. Everyone carries the little red envelopes with them in the morning and drops them off in the mailbox. But what goes on behind the scenes at Netflix? Here are some photos that help solve the mystery.

Uh oh, Spiderman The Musical is caught in a web.

That's all she wrote. Stay cool and classy.

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