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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'd Rather Be Bitten By A Vampire

Aside from being infamous for its deer, Canadian geese, overpopulation, Psychic fairs and a mention in Seinfeld, Parsippany, NJ doesn't have much going for itself. Growing up there, there was no town, no place for kids to go hang out and meet other kids. Whoever planned the town planned it for corporations and stores and didn't think about the children. I'm sure many of you will say, "But Evan, Parsippany was recently voted one of the best places to live" and to that I say, "yes, that's because there are a lot of jobs in Parsippany, thanks to the massive number of corporations (thanks Pfizer) and stores. Let me get back to why I bring Parsippany up in today's post. And in order to do that, let's play a little game of "Would You Rather."

Would you rather attend the Official Twilight Convention in Parsippany or be bitten by a vampire?

I chose the latter. That's right, the Official Twilight Convention is going to take place in Parsippany, NJ. And wait until you see what's in store. Here's a link to the site.

A sinfully sensational event giving fans the super-rare opportunity to personally meet stars of TWILIGHT including KELLAN LUTZ, ASHLEY GREENE, KIOWA GORDON & CHASKE SPENCER! That's right: guests will appear and be escorted around the room to meet each and every person in attendance! This is going to be awesome! And with fellow fans from around the world you'll enjoy a delicious sumptuous Breakfast as well!

Not interested? Well how about the Saturday Night Vampire Ball:

Fans from around the globe congregate in their finest vampire wear to raise the roof! Prizes for best costume and best dancers!

Here's the perfect way to meet and mingle with fellow fans and also you'll get to personally meet some of our Twilight guests who will be attending the party. A DJ is set, and this party is fine for all ages. Our celebrity guests so far include ASHLEY GREENE, KELLAN LUTZ, KIOWA GORDON & CHASKE SPENCER! This event is included on a complimentary basis for GOLD WEEKEND PATRONS. We had a FEW extra tickets that were available for those who are not Gold Patrons.

What!? No James Pattinson? Sigh.

I know many people who will read this post and want to go to this thing. I'm staying far away.

Apparently, yesterday was National Go-Topless Day. I had no idea, and apologize. I'm usually so good at keeping me readers abreast of such holidays.

Julie Powell has inspired a whole bunch of new food bloggers, like this guy who is going to try a slice of pizza from every NYC pizza joint.

And now I leave you with a treat. Christopher Nolan's next film...Inception

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