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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Seat Filler

For those of you who don't know, all of the big award shows (Academy Awards, Tonys, etc...) hire "extras" to be seat fillers so when a star gets up to go to the bathroom, you never see empty seats in the camera shots. I have been offered the opportunity to be a seat filler on a few occasions when I was in college but wasn't able to do it either time. I'd love to do it one day, although I really do it on a daily basis.

I have started to notice that there are a lot of pregnant women in Hoboken. Why have I noticed this? Well because just about every other day I give up my seat to a pregnant lady. I have a radar now and I immediately get up and give them a seat. Only once did a woman say no and after we went back and forth she was adamant about standing. So in a way, I am a seat filler. Although I'm saving a seat for two.

And now, the wheelchair from the future....

Oh yeah, because this makes so much sense (cents).

If you are a comedian, of course you are going to use your Mother-in-law in your jokes. It's a given. Well this Mother-in-law isn't going to take it any more. She's suing.

I've heard of a cat lover, but this guy takes it one step further:

I never thought someone would actually write an article about the best way to swat a mosquito, and I was wrong.

According to Jim Brasseur, a fluid dynamics professor at Penn State University, the best approach is to clap or slap from both sides — rather than a swat from one side only.

Thanks Jim. How many hours of research did it take to come up with this?

A NJ man shot his parrot because the bird annoyed the man as he watched a NASCAR race.

Authorities advised the father and his son that if another family pet — a Labrador Retriever — annoys anybody they should call police or the animal control office, reports said.

When asked what he was going to do with the cage he replied, set up a track inside and race my micro machines.

That's budee budee budee..all folks.

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