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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An offer you can't refuse

Sometimes I question whether to continue this blog. Yesterday was one of those days. I can see how after awhile, you've said a lot of what you have to say and you want to move on. After all, I write daily just to keep myself writing. I don't want to fool you. I do not have legions of fans waiting to read my every word, checking for constant updates and juicy gossip squeezed from celebrity pulp. No. It's basically my mom and her friends, the occasional person who searches for "cashew fruit on vacation" via Google, and Kenny the homeless man from Broadway and 10th. Thanks for reading. Let's switch subjects now.

For centuries, salesmen and salespersons, I guess, try to get us to buy goods with a pitch. But here's something I don't get; the month end extravaganzabonanza. Haven't we been dealing with salespersons long enough to know that the "better hurry up before the month ends to lock in your savings" will reappear most likely at the end of EVERY month? I went in today thinking, and being told, I was getting the best rate, that they were going to take care of me...but I knew what was going to happen in the end. I knew they were going to try to use the fact that yesterday was August 31st, the last day of the promotion. Sign up now, or lose out. Mind you, it's not like they were going to give me a car to sign up. I had to laugh after the hullaballoo and fuss they made about giving me a great discounted deal. It wasn't any better than if I had walked in off of the street. And so it goes. The next time I walk into any place where a salesperson is trying to sell me something, I'm going to say, "you're going to have to make me a better offer because it's the end of the month and if you can't offer me what I want before month's end, I'm walking away."

Gosh, I'm just a ramblin' man today. Blah blah blah..

Isn't that right, Indian Elvis?

I'm going to start a new section on this blog called "Evan and Pregnant Women" and let this be the first one! My adventures with pregnant women continued this morning as I offered my seat to a woman. We had one of those exchanges that usually come at the end of a date with the bill...oh no, I insist, no I want..but you paid let me...a, yes... . I should have stood up and forced her to sit but she was pretty adamant about standing. Mind you, no one else was offering their seat, and upon noticing this, the guy standing, reading the paper by the door, was shaking his head and using every nonverbal cue possible to show his anger. Of course, when I got up at my stop I turned back and saw the woman take my seat. Lesson learned.


DP said...

you failed to mention your loyal coworkers!!!

Evan said...

Thanks DP...and my anonymous coworkers.