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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Current Stamp Situation

I have a problem with the current stamp situation. In the past, stamps were clearly labeled with an amount so we knew the difference between say a 42 cent and 2 cent stamp. Before they introduced the Forever Stamp, they had these tan stamps with a flag on them and NO amount. I was looking for a stamp to mail a letter and realized that I had a bunch of these stamps with no amount on them. Well, that's odd. These aren't the forever least I don't think they are. Then how much are these worth? At this point Google would have been the obvious choice but I wanted to see if anyone else knew the answer to this question. So I asked around the office. One person said they had them too and that they just put two of these mysterious stamps on a letter to be safe. Another coworker had no clue and was in a bad mood. A third coworker actually knew that there was a year hidden on the stamps and sure enough there was. In Highlights fashion, it was hidden in the flag pole on the stamp, "2007". What kind of crap is this? How much are these stamps worth. I went ahead and put two of these stamps on my envelope and sent it on its merry way. I found out the answer to my question thanks to the USPS website. 41 Cents for all of those who are curious and have these stamps in your drawer. Here's a thought. If we go back to the old stamp system, can we clearly label the stamp value as we have in the past? Thanks.

I love it when people I know decide to start a blog. Heather just started hers the other day and voila, Chicken Monday was hatched.

Japan's first lady is making many claims, like she knew Tom Cruise in a former incarnation – when he was Japanese – and is now looking forward to making a Hollywood movie with him. When asked what movie, she replied "A remake of The Butcher's Wife".

Ben and Jerry have done it again. For the month of September they have changed the name of one of Chubby Hubby to Hubby Hubby in celebration of the legalization of gay marriage in its home state of Vermont. When asked about this decision, one Vermonter said, "If they had asked me, I would have suggested a rainbow sherbert".

While we're on the topic of ice cream, how about a look at some of the most bizarre flavors?

I got to see a Penny Farthing bike in Canada but here's something new. An electric Penny-Farthing bike.

Bloomberg's jet hit had bird trouble on the way to Ted Kennedy's funeral.

Take it away Indian Beatles:

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