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Friday, September 18, 2009

Love at First Read

How many of us believe in love at first sight? We have seen it time and again in song, book and movie. A character falls immediately in love at first sight of another. Researchers say love at first sight might be genetic. But then again, that research was done on fruit flies. So now you are asking yourself, where is Evan possibly going with this. Here's where I'm going. And let me propose this question. Is it possible to fall in love with someone through the written word? That is, can someone be so moved by a writer's hand that a connection and feeling of love is created? I wonder if any blogger or author has fallen in love with one of his/her readers. Okay, I know what you are thinking now...and no, I don't believe there are women out there reading my blog and falling for me. And if there me.

Writing, as we know, can be powerful. It can evoke feelings and this is what started me thinking about this whole love at first or second or third read. I was also thinking about this in terms of online dating. Some Joe Schmo from Kansas could write a brilliant profile on a dating site about himself and the match he is looking for. Will he get more emails from women than a guy who isn't a decent writer? Probably. But don't be fooled. Disappointment might be lurking around the corner. Falling in love with someone and their words can be dangerous. Because if and when things progress to the next level, like a phone call or in-person meeting, there is opportunity for a huge let down. Am I making any sense? Who knows. That's my thought for today.

I leave with you with this..have a great weekend.

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