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Friday, September 25, 2009

Blame it on the

Since it's Friday and because 3 Chords and the Truth reminded me that I have a mailbox which needed to be checked, (Whoops. I completely forgot about it) I chose a couple of questions from the bag and let's see what people are wondering.

The first one comes from Randy Crazhman in Phoenix, Arizona. Don't know if Randy is a man or woman but let's see what he/she has to say:

Dear Evan Almighty,

I'm a longtime reader of your blog and was wondering what your morning routine is like. Are you an egg or cereal man?


Thanks for the question, Randy. I love eggs and cereal but I'll have to say I'm a cereal man during the week and an egg man on the weekends. As for my morning routine, well...

My next question comes from Margaritte Wilson in Dorset, Vermont. Thanks for writing Margaritte!

Hi Evan,

I've seen you mention Vermont often on this blog and I recently saw you said something about Mad Tom Orchard. I just went picking there yesterday and was curious what kind of apples you like?


Great question! One of my favorite apple varieties are Honey Crisp which I believe are currently being picked. However, this apple takes the cake.

Okay, one more. This question comes from Brad Ronsoni from Tampa, Florida. Brad writes:

You know what? No one cares about your life stories and your links and your NYC experiences. What I want to know is about the stuff you keep on saying you'd like to write but can't because people read this. Suck it up and lay it out there. What? You like some girl? You're stressed at work? Big deal. We all have these issues. So stop telling me about your personal trainer moving to Thailand and give me the real stuff


Oh Brad, what am I going to do with you? It's not that simple. If you email me directly I might be able to share with you but until then I'm just going to avoid the issue and change the subject using this:

Keep plucking those chickens, Brad.

And that's today's mailbag. Nothing too exciting unfortunately. Which brings us to another Friday. I read an article about the precautions gyms are taking to prevent Swine Flu and when I got to my gym last night I didn't see any sign that they were doing anything. I notice most people don't wipe off the machines and when my trainer pointed to one person doing it I told him that he must have paid her to do it in front of me. I'm sure he's glad he's moving to Thailand.

I have a question for you. Just who is this MIKA character? I recently heard his music and saw that he has a new CD out so I decided to do some investigating and found some of his performances online. Like this one:

I then went to Wikipedia to read about this guy and noticed people have been editing his entry with some interesting info. Gotta love Wikipedia.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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