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Monday, September 14, 2009

Obama and Clinton


I am writing to find out why you do not inspect the cars to make sure each one has proper air ventilation/circulation? Is it really that difficult? And if for some reason the air flow isn't working, put a sign on the window so on a day like today, when train service is slow and there are a lot of people pressing against the door to get in, we can be assured that there is a nicely ventilated car waiting for us. This was not the case this morning. And to top it off, the guy next to me, who must have been narcoleptic immediately fell asleep and his head was just about on my shoulder. Not cool, not cool at all. You know there is a problem with the air flow on a car when the doors open at a stop and cool, fresh smelling air comes rushing in.


Yesterday, there was a lot of excitement around campus because Obama and Clinton decided to have lunch at Il Mulino on West 3rd street. Streets were blocked off, students stood on their toes hoping to catch a glimpse of the president, and security was tight, of course. I'm just glad one article reported what they ate:

“We had fish, pasta and salad,” Mr. Clinton said as he turned to leave, smiling and waving at a few reporters on the sidewalk. “It was very healthy. Even I was healthy.”

A good family friend of ours was interviewed for Michael started The Journal and it is amazing to see how far the magazine has come. Be sure to check out The Journal website for upcoming events and news. And while you're at it, why not buy a subscription?

I was sad to see Roger Federer defeated by Juan Martin del Potro in the US Open Final but Federer will go down in tennis history with this shot. I could watch this all day long.

I'd like to end with the following advertisement, courtesy of YesButNoButYes:

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