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Monday, September 28, 2009


I hope you had a great weekend. I did. I had a lot of fun on Saturday in the city, exploring new places, laughing, brainstorming, it doesn't get much better than that. It was chilly on Saturday, a sure sign that fall has arrived. The leaf peepers will soon be on their way North to see the changing leaves. Ahh, I just love it.

Let me start with this video...

I saw a couple yesterday in Hoboken that just made me sick. Really. She was wearing a football jersey and he a black shirt and jeans. I was standing behind them as we waited to cross the street and they were standing in front of me, out in the street. They look to their right and see a parked car starting to back up so that it can pull out. Now, if I saw someone backing up I would move my girlfriend out of the way and back up onto the sidewalk. Not this guy. This guy just stands there with his arm around his girlfriend and tries yelling at the guy in the car. "Hey, hey, don't you see us standing here?". A lot of good his screams did with the car windows up. The driver had no idea. Then the light changes and we are walking. He whispers in her ear and curses about something. Then the following takes place:

He:Your friend Karen said I was hot.
She: *fake laughs* oh yeah, Karen said that?
He: Yeah *runs fingers through hair*
She: Wow, that's a compliment. She doesn't say that to anyone.
He: (smiles, proud of himself)

Unfortunately there wasn't a place for me to barf because I just might have. There are some really great and interesting people in Hoboken, but then there are these people. And these people are the people who give Hoboken a bad name. I wonder where their conversation veered next? Let me take a shot at this...

He: You know, I'm not nearly as hot as you, bebe.
She: *fake laugh* uh yuh, I know you're not. So do they call these jerseys because they are from our state?
He: I think so, man you look great in that Giants jersey.
She: I look even better without it.
He: yeah, I bet (hand moves to her right cheek)

Okay, okay. That's enough of that. You get the point.

I just realized I left my cell phone charger at home. Don't you hate that?

New SNL cast member, Jenny Slate mistakingly droppped the F Bomb the other night.

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