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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Comedy Central's Next Move

Last night I attended the taping of a pilot for an original new game show at Crash Mansion. I knew very little about the show going in and was curious to see what the creators and writers had come up with. I left very impressed. The writing is smart, clever and funny and the game concept is original and a lot of fun. Comedy Central would be silly not to pick this show up. It's just the sort of programming that they need right now. Not to mention it's a new and different venue for them to expose their comics to a wide audience. There was a wide age spectrum last night and looking around and listening to people talk, everyone was interested in the game and found it entertaining. This show would greatly appeal to Comedy Central's target market. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens and hope that the show moves on to the next level, because it's time for a funny and smart gameshow that doesn't rely on briefcases, hot models (well, maybe) and fist bumping.

We've all seen Ernie Anastos but did you HEAR him? This clip has now moved into my top ten news bloopers. Watch it before it's taken down!

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs....

Have you always wanted to drive a Peugeot? Well check out this new electric shape-shifting car.

It's really feeling like fall now so its appropriate to end with this video:

Suddenly, last summer from Leonardo Dalessandri on Vimeo.

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