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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why The New York Times Should Hire Me and The Invention of Lying

Every day we hear about the newspapers and publishing industry struggling to stay above water. Subscriptions are down and companies need to find new ways to engage readers. So I came up with an idea for the New York Times this morning while walking to work because that's what I do in the morning. I think. About life, about the people in my life, about ideas, dreams, the future, you name it, I think about it. So this morning I decided that the New York Times should start marketing specifically to people with dogs. That's right. Here's why. It starts as early as when people go to pick up a puppy from a pet store. A majority of the time, these puppies are playing and rolling around in shredded newspaper. The New York Times should use this in their marketing plan. Let's fast forward a few years. The puppy is all grown up, likes to fetch the newspaper! So having a subscription is a great way to train your dog. Next and last is the blue bag. The New York Times is delivered in this blue bag which then gets used by dog owners to pick up excrement. Okay, I'm done. Did I make my point? I'm not sure. New York Times and Dog Owners just seem to go together very nicely.

Last night I had the pleasure of going to see the new Ricky Gervais film, The Invention of Lying. Yes he stars in it, but he also co-wrote and directed. The man is a machine. You can really tell that he wrote the script because it's very much his humor. Throw in a plethora of familiar faces (all you Ricky Gervais Show fans will be happy to know that Stephen Merchant makes a brief appearance). I went into this film wondering if I was going to be presented with something fresh, something new, and I was. Ricky Gervais is genius although at times the "everyone saying what they really think" gag grows old until the film is brought to the next level and the plot is able to move forward. I felt as though the film plateaus as some point and then regains momentum and continues on. Jennifer Garner's dimples can do no wrong and behind it all, there is a message. Love conquers all and funny short overweight men have a shot.

Watching this film left me craving a trip to a quaint small New Englad town and my question was answered in the press notes, it was filmed in Lowell, Massachusetts, 25 miles north of Boston.

That's all for now. Busy day ahead.

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