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Thursday, April 16, 2009


By now you have seen the video footage of those punks at Dominoes one of whom is seen smearing mucus on food and sticking cheese up his nose. These two jokesters could bring down the company even though they claim they never actually served the food to anyone. I guess Dominoes was bound to fall one of these days. It'll be interesting to see what kind of damage control they can do.

Remember my post about my flight back from CA? Well it looks like somebody is doing something about it. That's right, United is starting to charge overweight passengers for two seats. I'm not sure this is the right solution to the problem. What about a section in the plane for overweight people? Are they going to start putting people on the scale after they check their luggage to see how much they weigh?

Here's something sort of fun:

So, I received an email from writer and author Kristen Kemp who writes a blog called BaristaKids saying she had read my post on Kal Penn asked me if I could answer a few questions about Montclair. I obliged and she gave us a shoutout. For more info on Kristen and her blog click here.

My classmate, Kati entered a film contest and won with this short. I don't remember the name of the contest or any details but I believe they had to put this together really quickly. Congrats Kati!

Have a great day!

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