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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Nerf Day!

Oh wait, what's that? Ohhh, Earth Day. I got excited for a moment because I thought you said it was Nerf Day. There should be such a day. President Obama, can you please get on that? Thanks.

Well I guess since it's Earth Day and I'm not planting a tree, I will give another plug to something Earth Day related, Boaz Frankel's Un-Road Trip. Boaz left Oregon a few days ago and it seems as though he is making great progress. I caught a segment on a CA Fox affiliate station yesterday which was really great and they will be following him again today. He has already taken 15 modes of transportation and has gotten much support from the generous people in the towns he has visited. You can read all about his journey here.

Here's a fun project for a rainy day and you can tell all your friends how "Green" you are...ok wiseguys, I'm not talking about kermit-the-frog green.

Cops can be our friends, but sometimes they can think they can do anything they like. Take a look at this:

I have really gotten into Craig Ferguson lately, he is hilarious. I have his show now set on my DVR because I can't stay up that late and have been cracking up with his recent lip syncing openings. If you haven't seen them, here they are:

You should tune in and watch him, he's great and doesn't get nearly enough credit.

And while we're on the topic of funny, I am very excited about this:

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