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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A 3D Printer and sexting...

Occasionally I will hear a story on the radio that will make me jot it down so that I can share it with you on this very blog. Well I heard one such story this morning. It has to do with a 3D printer. That's right.

A 3D printer is exactly what it sounds like. A plain old 2D printer prints letters. This spits out objects you can hold in your hand. Toys, door knobs, jewelry. A couple of these guys have quit their day jobs so they can sell 3D printer kits to people interested in building their own. These people are building objects that build other objects.

The people they are referring to belong to the hacker space in NYC called NYC Resistor.

this hacker space is like the MIT media lab without the academic reputation. It draws the best talent in computer engineering and the innovation that emerges in highly valuable. But NYC Resistor - or any other hacker space - does not have the institutional burdens of academia or the profit demands of a company. The main goal is to tinker. Take in people's old ipods and make new machines out of them. Rip out the resistors of discarded monitors and make a box that plays high or low-pitched music based on the weather of the city you select. Point the powerful antenna in the right direction and talk to ham radio users on the other side of the planet. Bounce the signals off the International space station and if you're lucky, you may get a response from the astronauts on board.

Crazy, right? For more information be sure to go here. And here's a little video piece.

So if you are looking for something to do one Thursday night, why not stop by NYC Resistor where every night, is a party.

Did you see this:

Ahoy, well now that Vermont Captain Richard Phillips is safe, Vermont is looking to legalize "sexting". I had no idea they had a term for sending explicit photos of yourself to someone else's mobile device and if I had known this, I would have arrested the guy sitting in front of me at Xanadu The Musical. But good old Vermont wants to legalize it. I bet the guys over at NYC Resistor sext message.

Here's another story I heard on the radio this morning. It has to do with this new Burger King ad. Have you seen it? The Texican burger. "The taste of Texas with a little tiny Mexican"...that's how they describe the burger. The ad features a cowboy and well, a tiny Mexican wrestler.

I'm really excited to see Flight of the Conchords tonight at Radio City. Full report tomorrow.

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