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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Hard to believe it's April already, and one of my favorite days of the year (well, not really). Are you okay? Did you get attacked by the Conficker virus? For some reason I just heard about this yesterday so I assumed it wasn't all that big a deal or is it? Is this just one big April Fool's joke to distract us from some of the other things going on in the world? Maybe.

The big news today, Ashton Kutcher got his chest waxed for his new movie. CNN has the CRAZY video.

Do you love your Snuggie? Well if you do, and you have a baby or you just like carrying around babies, here's the Peekaru!

Fox's Michael Sheehan was arrested after an accident involving a police officer on a horse. After refusing a breathalyzer test, Sheehan shouted "That's a load of horse sh*t" at which point the officer looked down and said, "Yes, yes it is".

I never really watched Live with Emeril except at the gym. Once he stopped screaming *Wham* *Bam* the show just got boring and I never had an urge to make any of the recipes he was making. But now Emeril has a new show which is awesome. It's called Emeril Green. He takes someone shopping at Whole Foods they buy simple ingredients and then he cooks with them right in the store. The recipes are healthy and easy and look delicious. Here's something he made last night.

I leave you with this...

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