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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Don't Want To Go To The Doctor

Just when I thought I was getting over whatever bug I got, I'm feeling pretty crappy again. Maybe it's because it's 80 something degrees in my office and the air is so stale and dry filled with dust and god knows what else. The airducts are probably just blowing around recycled asbestos air. What do I need to do? Call Arnold Diaz?

Apparently they can't get the heating/cooling system down. One day it feels nice and cold and people start complaining that they are too cold. Well, I'm sorry. If you are too cold you can easily put on a jacket and a sweater and a hat and gloves and a heater and those hand heating pads. But when it's too damn hot in here to think or breathe do you want me to strap ice packs to my body and walk around in my boxers? Is that what you want? I'll do it. And no, the Sharper Image personal neck cooler does not work. So today, I wore a t-shirt to work.

Improv Everywhere
is at it again except this time, the mission was fake. But they fooled the CW11 into thinking it was real. Silly CW, tricks are for kids.

Did you hear that the Obama's gave the Queen an inscripted video ipod loaded with
songs and a bunch of other stuff?

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