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Monday, April 13, 2009

Shoe Discrimination

I may have ranted and raved about this before and if I have, please excuse me but for most of my life, I have never been able to go into a shoe store, find a pair of shoes I really like and buy them. Why you ask? Because no one ever had the shoes I liked in my size. I would walk into a store and this is how the conversation would go:

Clerk: Can I help you find something?
Me: Yeah, do you have anything in a size 15?
Clerk: ooof, that might be a problem...well let me see what we have in the back
Me: Something maybe that looks like this (I point to a shoe I really like)
Clerk: Be right back.

15 minutes later- Clerk comes out with three boxes.

Clerk: You're in luck, I found two in a size 15 and one 14 I thought you might want to try.
Me: Thanks.

I would get excited, images danced in my head of a really hip, cool shoe and these images would disappear when the clerk opened the box to reveal the most god awful shoes I had ever seen. This happened every time. When sneakers came out they would either be all white or all black. While the shoe selection has gotten somewhat better over the years, I am still basically forced to choose certain shoes because I don't have any other choice. If you ever see me in a shoe store where they have the shoe boxes out, you'll see me walking down each aisle, looking for my size.

Meet Bo, the new White House dog. I think I want one.

Chloe Sevigny recently hosted a celebration at the Kiehls on third avenue. Apparently she doesn't like NYU students.

This morning I went downstairs to get a bagel and I thought it would be funny to scream "oh my god, Robert Pattinson". I will never, ever do that again:

Who doesn't love Winnie the Pooh...well check this out.

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