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Monday, April 6, 2009


Before I go on about Twitter let me first present you with this (Thanks Sam).

So everyone has been trying to get me to use Twitter more often. I still am not addicted to it but I have been spending more time on there and I think following the celebrities on there is a lot of fun, although I'm curious who is really updating Jimmy Fallon's or Demi Moore's. Definitely an interesting way to communicate and share information.

I realize that I posted the Waiting video on here one weekend and never really wrote anything about it. Let me start with a photo that was taken in Adam's shower, that's right, immediately following the completion of editing the video.

Don't we look happy? We worked long and hard on the video and I had a blast. I'm hoping to work on another project soon.

Here again is the video for you watch, comment on, and share with your friends:

Waiting from Mitch Maguire on Vimeo.

This past weekend was the annual New York City Pillow fight. I wasn't able to attend but this gave me some idea of what I missed:

It's like a multimedia extravaganza here today.

Bye Bye Balducci's

Like duct tape? Need an outfit for prom? Well, maybe you should get creative with some duct tape. That's right, first the duct tape wallet, now this.

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