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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FOTC Take On Radio City

Let me start off by saying I had a lot of fun last night seeing Flight of the Conchords play Radio City, but it would have been a lot more fun if Ticketmaster had let me get seats together so I could sit with my friends. But no, we all had single seats peppered throughout the massive room. Thanks to BBM we chatted before the show started but I would have much preferred sitting next to them than next to the giddy girl who was bouncing in her seat.

Kristen Schaal who you may know as Mel on the show opened the show with some of her stand-up material which was pretty funny.

Then Bret and Jemaine took the stage to a thunderous crowd. They made banter and played then made more banter most of which had to do with the audience (many fans kept screaming out songs they wanted the duo to play). They were funny and they played some of my personal favorites but they seemed tired. They made a point of saying that the night before they played in Washington DC using a certain set list and the show was awful. Maybe they were joking but for some reason I don't think they were. They had been given the same set list again last night. With the exception of Carol Brown and Hurt Feelings, I'm not too crazy about the songs from Season Two. Some of the songs just don't translate well from tv version to live acoustic version. Sounds and melodies are missing and vocally it just wasn't as enjoyable to listen to. But I could watch the two of them for hours. They are amazing comedians and really great musicians. I'd go see them again.

Ok, it's business time...gotta run.

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