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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nothing Like A Good Scare

Maybe it's me, but I'm still not entirely clear why this airplane scare happened yesterday. The papers are reporting that the White House Military Office told the Federal Aviation Administration that it periodically updates file photos of Air Force One near national landmarks, like the statute in New York harbor and the Grand Canyon. So yesterday's scare was to update the file photo of AF One near the Statue of Liberty. So was this a training mission or just a photo shoot? Between this and the swine flu, I think we should just stay home this week. Have you been wearing a surgical mask at work to protect yourself? I wanted to get one but Duane Reade, believe it or not, was sold out!

At work, I share an office with another person. The quarters is tight for two people especially when it's 90 degrees outside and the building is still pumping hot air in. Not to mention there is no air circulation whatsoever. Here's a video shot yesterday in our office:

They have been filming this Nic Cage movie all over town and are coming back to film at NYU in May. I'm still trying to land an extra role. They were having some fun filming in China Town though.

Okay, one more shameless plug for Aja's one woman show, Piccola Cosi, this Thursday night at The Triad in NYC. Aja recounts her journey to Italy playing all the Italian men she encountered when she sang at some of Italy's most famous jazz clubs.

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