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Sunday, March 22, 2009

United's Economy Plus-Size

NOTE TO SELF: The next time you are offered a $300 voucher and first class upgrade due to an overbooked flight. TAKE IT.

In addition to United no longer serving any type of snack, you now have to pay for extra leg room, up to 5 inches of free space for your knees. This includes the emergency exit rows. For someone as tall as me, it is definitely worth it. But tonight, I would pay to see my face when I stepped on the plane and saw my middle seat, 10B, surrounded by two very large men. I couldn't believe it. Who put these men in the same row? Was I going to fit in the middle, more importantly, would I be able to breathe? I'm still not quite sure how I made it through the flight. It was a lot of changing positions so that I could not feel the bodies of the men rubbing against me. I lost the use of both of my armrests which wouldn't even go all the way down because the men had their legs underneath. I just wish that trainer Jillian from The Biggest Loser had been there. I must say the guys were aware that I was being made uncomfortable and tried to be accommodating, like when I needed to turn up the volume on my headphone controls I had to move the man's stomach aside a little bit to find the volume increase button. Okay, I'll stop talking about this now. I made it back safely and that's what matters. So now I have a day to gather myself and get back into the swing of things before going back to work, which I'm actually looking forward to. Now if only I could somehow get a palm tree into the office...

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