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Monday, March 16, 2009

San Francisco: Day 1

You thought I wasn't going to be blogging while I was on vacation, didn't you? Well, I can't help it anymore. It has become a part of me, something I have to do on a daily basis. We'll see how long it lasts. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to upload the photos I took but I'll get around to it eventually.

Wow, it's hard to believe that I was in NJ this morning. It feels like a really long day. The flight was on time and I even got an emergency row seat with no seat in front of me, which meant I had my own little area to stretch my legs. It was really great, except for the two really loud kids behind me. It was a mother and her two kids and I knew they were trouble because she had them both on a leash. She should have also had a muzzle for them (did I really just write that?) Don't get me wrong, I love kids, I do. But when they are talking non-stop and kicking the back of your chair you can just love them for so long. So despite the kids, a bad movie (The Day the Earth Stood Still-yes, I definitely think the earth stood still when this movie was put on), and no snacks (now you have to buy your snack-$9 for a box o'calories, the flight was on time and not bad at all.

By the way, I'm currently sitting in a plush red chair in the Hilton Lobby. My hotel is very nice and I'm loving people watching.

I took a cable car down to Fisherman's Wharf and we had some wacky operator who pushed a guy onto the car and closed the door. They started to fight and he asked for his badge number to report him, then as the guy was stepping off the operator started the car full speed ahead. Then he didn't acknowledge another woman who wanted to get off and she started yelling at him. I was sure he was going to let the car roll into traffic. We made it safely however and it started to drizzle.

I ducked under an overhang where vendors were selling large crabs and bread bowls of chowder. I bought one and it hit the spot. I walked around a bit and then headed back downtown, standing on the back platform of the cable car, snapping photos. Then the cable cars stopped due to some malfunction, so I walked the rest of the way home. I had a blast.

The amount of homeless people here is quite shocking. Every block you'll see them and some of them really get in your face. Most of the time they stand outside of stores but I saw one guy in the Ride Aide knocking bags of candy off the shelves and cursing at shoppers next to him. I just happened to follow him out and watched as he screamed at people walking by him in the opposite direction. I'm looking forward to more fun adventures tomorrow. Hope you'll follow my journey.

PS. Let me apologize in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors.

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