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Friday, March 20, 2009

The California Adventure Continues

I am now sitting in a new hotel in San Rafael, CA. I am watching, well, trying to sit through the Will Ferrel broadway show filmed for HBO. I cannot believe how bad it is. Maybe it was better in person. I'm just not feeling it.

The weather here has been just perfect the past couple of days and the strawberries are delicious. There's nothing like getting locally grown fresh fruit. This hotel has free Wifi, candy and an outdoor fireplace! In California! Actually, it gets a bit chilly here at night.

I haven't been to Muir Woods since I was a kid and I went again today, armed with a camera. Walking through Muir Woods is a magical experience. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it. While snapping away I came across a snake resting on a dead tree limb. We traveled up the side of a hill to get to a lookout point where we had lunch. The winding roads here can make you nauseas if you aren't used to it. They remind me of James Bond car chase scenes.

Here's a helmet cam from Mount. Tam, where I was earlier today:

We finished up the evening with a delicious dinner in Mill Valley. I'm tired and have no idea what I just wrote. Time for bed. Goodnight.


Mark said...

My sister lives in Mill Valley! Anyway, you should go to Sam's Anchor Cafe in Tiburon ( Great views of the bay and you can sit outside and get some decent food as well. Good afternoon place to hangout.

Evan said...

Cool! I'll have to check it out.