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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

San Francisco: Day 2

Well it started as a drizzly day and apparently cleared up and got sunny because I'm a bit red. Now it's drizzling again.

I took an early trip to the Wharf again this morning and by the time I got down there the weather was just clearing up and the sun emerged from behind the thick clouds. On my way to the Pier from which the Alcatraz Cruise leaves I passed by Boudin Bakery and stopped to see what that was all about. I have been looking for a great bread place and this screamed "Tourist Trap", but I decided to get a sandwich there made with their sourdough bread. They had these breads made in the shape of animals. I didn't see anyone buying any Teddy Bear bread, but they had that. Thanks to Mark, who recommended some of his favorite San Fran hot spots, I then headed to see the infamous Sea Lions. That was definitely fun to see and hear. They are extremely vocal! Mark also mentioned the Bushman, who I saw yesterday scaring some guy's girlfriend. I couldn't find him today.

I am amazed at how every place around here makes a small bottle of water $2.95. Seriously? What happened to $1.00 waters? Are they bottling the water from some special spring?

I was then on the ferry to Alcatraz, oh, but before you board they pose you in front of a fake background with Alcatraz. Weird, when you can take a photo with the real Alcatraz behind you but they'll do anything for a buck around here. The ferry ride was really great and we were soon at Alcatraz. I enjoyed Alcatraz and was glad I did it. Do I ever have to go back? Nope. I'll post my photos of Alcatraz soon. The audio tour of the cell building was interesting and I think my favorite thing was going to the rec yard. Very cool.

A trip to CA isn't complete without stopping off for an In and Out Burger, which is exactly what I did after Alcatraz. It was raining at this point so I headed to check out Ghiradelli Square and then waited for a cable car. Tomorrow I plan on walking the city, no cable cars.

Tonight I walked to Chinatown to check it out in the rain. The streets were pretty deserted. I passed by a Chinese beauty parlor, there were wigs everywhere and I man was sitting inside with the door open, playing the violin. I should have just snapped the photo. It was an unbelievable shot of this man playing in the dark salon. Like a fool, I asked him if I could take his photo and he said no. Next time, I'm snapping it and not asking. I learned my lesson. The rain started to pick up so I caught the cable car on Powell and headed back to the hotel. All of a sudden, the cable car operator slams on the breaks. People go flying. The rear break operator jumped off and started running after a white car, which cut the cable car off and caused this mess. Everyone had to get off. This made my wonder how many people, if any, have been killed while riding a cable car. Here's an article that shines some light on the topic.

By the way, are there supermarkets in San Francisco? I haven't seen one yet.

I'm looking forward to exploring the city more tomorrow, my last day before I head to San Rafael.

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