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Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm a Banana...Ma Spoon's Too Big

I am in the mood for some Don Hertzfeldt magic this morning. I'm sure many of those who know of Don's work have seen Rejected. For those of you who haven't, I hope you'll enjoy. When Boaz and I covered Sundance we went to the animation short program and Don was there with one of his more recent works. He seems like a cool guy. Enjoy.

Have you heard about project Eyeborg? Well you better read up because you might be being filmed right now. This brings documentaries and well, nanny cams into a entirely new realm. Kids, dad and I are heading out for dinner but Mrs. Spindersoon will take good care of you. Oh, I almost forgot, lets put on your secret camera contact lenses in case Mrs. Spindersoon forgot to take her medicine. We'll have it all on camera. Love you. Good night.

You've been slimed, Lord Mandelson. Double Dare.

Another building super going through a tenant's underwear drawer? What's the big deal? It happens in hotels all the time with the cleaning staff.

The creeped out 22-year-old says, "My unmentionables were moved, I felt dirty knowing they had been handled by strangers."

Unmentionables? Can't we say underwear,panties, whatever you want to call them? If you read further down in the article we find out, the super was just being nice.

Meller contends that 79-year-old super Ilona Biro rearranged her belongings, rolled up a tube of toothpaste, opened care packages from her mom and folded her panties without permission.

See? It's like having mom living with you. How sweet.

Have a great weekend! The weather is supposed to reach into the 60's here in NYC.

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