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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

John Leguizamo: Work in Progress

I had the pleasure of seeing John Leguizamo's one man show which is currently a work in progress. Having seen his other one man shows on Broadway, it was really interesting seeing him in a tiny venue (Barrow Street Theatre) using a script and at points, just ad-libbing and speaking directly to the audience. It was a great time. The show is basically a look at his career in the entertainment business. Along the way, he tells us stories about Bob Hoskins on the set of Super Mario Brothers (yes, I was a huge fan of this movie as a kid) and numerous other gossipy details about everyone from Kevin Costner to Robert Deniro, and he does impressions too!

It was a very intimate space, and it was really cool to see him work-shopping a new show.

Anyone catch Jimmy Fallon's debut show? I should have DVR'd it but forgot to.

Did you see this making-of-a-Vanity-Fair-Cover video?

Have you always wanted to make a castle cake? Yesterday was my friend Erin's birthday and our other friend, Elise baked a castle cake. Elise was headed to work yesterday morning and as she was on the way out of her apartment, a neighbor's dog ran up the stairs tripping her and the castle cake splattered on the ground. Anyway, if you want to make a castle cake, here's how!

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