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Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Is Here

Today is going to be a beautiful day and to top it off, it's Friday! Sometimes I get the idea in my head for a song and I start writing it. Well, I told Erin about this the other day and we decided to just go ahead and finish the song together. So after work the other night we came up with a finished product. It needs work and I am hoping to be able to upload it soon for you to hear.

See, there's CA again, and check out this electric car. I want one!

Here's a touching story, a woman and her husband have moved in with the woman's ex. Really????

You may have heard that the NYU Bobcat has been missing. But good news this morning, he's been found!

I love infomercials, so I was very happy to find this compilation of some of the best..errr..worst...errr..funniest.

Have a great weekend!

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