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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Could Really Go For...

Some fresh squeezed orange juice right about now.

I'm going to get you up out of your chair and dancing this morning along with these crazy Nets fans. I feel like Ben Stiller should appear in this clip at some point. But he doesn't.

You don't say, Joe Versus the Volcano The Musical is next?

I walked by Blockbuster the other day and noticed they have redesigned the interior, adding comfortable places to sit and a food area. They also changed the signs outside which now read "Blockbuster Media". Well, apparently they are filing for Bankruptcy.

It must be nice...

Did you hear about this Florida woman who called 911 because she was angered that her McDonalds was out of chicken nuggets. We at EvanAlmighty managed to obtain a transcript of the call thanks to our friends at the Fort Pierce Police Department.

911 Operator: 911, what seems to be the problem
McNugget Lady: Heeeeelp...they're out of nuggets again.
Op: Just calm down lady, everything is going to be okay. Can I have your location?
McNugget: McDonalds, they are out of chicken nuggets.
911: Please remain calm, someone will be there to help you out shortly.
McNugget: No one's going to be able to help me. They are out, damnit. Out of those fried nuggets. How do you run out of nuggets??
911: Ma'am, I'm going to need you to take a deep breath. Are there any Burger Kings near by that might have nuggets?
McNugget: I DON'T WANT F*#$&%&% A$*#%* Nuggets from no *#@$#$ Burger King. I want my McNuggets. Why the hell don't they have my McNuggets?
911: Please, ma'am, watch your mouth. How about a Roy Rogers?
McNugget: *click* *dial tone*

Turns out, she got a McMug Shot. *rimshot*

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coffee said...

what the McFugget?