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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Online Dating

That's right, I did it. I joined an online dating site. I along with thousands of others have cast out our bait and await a catch. I know everyone has beat the topic of Online Dating to a pulp but it does really make me laugh. People post some of the most ridiculous photos and some of the profiles are just horrible. Finding someone on an online site could be a full time job. You have to search through the database and then craft a witty email which caters to each person's profile, or you can take the cheap way and just wink. Who came up with this stuff? There are some other awkward things about online dating. For example, going to the gym and seeing someone else who is on the same dating site.

Evan: Hey, isn't that fungirl over there on the elliptical? yeahhh, I think it is. She's the one that obsessively goes to the gym and mentioned that she has 10 cats and is 6'0, there's no way she's 6'0, and she's definitely not 25.

Ten minutes later I'm in line at the supermarket and I see Juliecoolie staring me down. She winked at me and but now she's really winking at me. I turn to the right, pretending to read the calorie count on the nearest package of brownies, I reach out and drop my strawberry yogurt which splatters on the left pant leg of the woman in front of me, she turns around, it's Stephanie12345. She recognizes me for a second and says not to worry about her pants. That it was nice to see me again. I walk home, everywhere I look I see people from this online dating site.

All this talk about fish in the sea, I've gotta share this with you:

(via YesButNoButYes)

How incredible was that?

And now, 5 failed McDonald's items.

Kraut is no longer just for hotdogs:

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