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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tonight's The Night

Be sure to tune in tonight for the VP debate: Biden Vs.Palin. Should be very interesting to see what happens. I found out yesterday about a really exciting opportunity that has now been given to me and I am ready to take it and run. I've got some great ideas and I know it's going to be a rewarding and educational experience.

During my lunch break yesterday I escorted Erin to Best Buy to look at laptops. One of the blue shirted employees eventually came over to help Erin and answer any questions she had about the laptops. Now, I'm sure you already know this but probably 99.5% of Best Buy employees don't know anything about the products. There are some who are very knowledgeable however. Many will tell you a computer is great and durable and make up the number of battery life hours it has. They'll tell you a lot of people come in asking about the model you are interested in and that their sister's boyfriend's uncle has the same one and loves it. Meanwhile, they have never even set foot in the laptop section because they are usually working the DVDs. So I say, what's the point of even asking for help? Do your research online and then go in knowing what you want.

Have you seen the new Levi's campaign? Uhhh...

I am very much looking forward to the new animated HBO series, The Life and Times of Tim. It looks hysterical and here's just a taste:

Have you seen this video urging people to vote?

Madonna apparently jumps rope in her show and I'm wondering...does she Punk Rope?

Fascinated by Limos? Check out these bad boys.

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