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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In the's a bird, it's a plane, it's RADIOMAN

I used to be obsessed with Craig Schwartz AKA Radioman. You've probably seen him in hundreds of movies playing a homeless man but didn't realize it. I first met Craig when I was working at Letterman. He would wait outside of the stage door and when Late Show guests would arrive, a majority of them greeted Radioman with such enthusiasm. I used to call Craig's movie production hotline (212-714-8045) to find out where all the latest films were being shot and I believe the line is still active. I encourage you to call because the message is usually funny and he usually ends with a line like "See you later you miserable movie whores". If you'd like to check out Craig's website, click here.

The reason I bring up Radioman is because he is in Body of Lies. I think Ridley Scott must have promised Radioman a spot in the movie because it's an odd moment towards the end of the film. Russel Crowe and Leo are talking in their car and then the camera cuts to a bench with a homeless man sitting up (Radioman) and then goes back to Russel and Leo. It's a bizarre and seemingly unnecessary shot. If you ever have the chance to meet Craig Schwartz, he is one fascinating and very funny guy.

I want a Podcar!

I'm going to try to get to The Hunt this year as I know a bunch of people who are going and I've always wanted to attend.

Whoops, there goes the podium:

Have a great day!

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