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Friday, October 31, 2008


Hey Ghouls! I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween this year. Don't forget the long johns because it's going to be cold out there. Many people have been asking what I am doing for Halloween and I knew I was going somewhere but didn't know the name of it. Now I do. I am going to Ulster County! The place we are going to looks really really cool. Check it out here. Hours of fun and screams, I'm sure. Plus, and I was really excited about this. There's a SIDESHOW!!

I love pumpkin ice cream, but corn ice cream? I'm not so sure about.

It's a special halloween for this homeowner in Hollywood.

Okay so I was going to leave you with Jerry Seinfeld's Halloween routine but I found something better. A kid, doing the Jerry Seinfeld Halloween routine. Enjoy!

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