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Monday, October 13, 2008

Beerfest 2008

This past weekend, Erin and Vin hosted Beerfest 2008 which was a lot of fun. The food was great as was the company. I'm thinking about investing in a portable karaoke machine that I can just bring take to parties and set up because it seems that by the end of every party, people are singing. Very niiice. I very much enjoy reading the Scordo blog which can be found here.

Happy Columbus Day! I hope you are enjoying reading this on your day off while I must work. I heard a very interesting conversation on the subway this morning. Two older African American men were talking loudly. One of them appeared to be homeless and the conversation went like this:

Homeless man: Did you know that Christopher Columbus didn't discover America?
Other man: He didn't
HM: Hell no. It was a black man that discovered America.
OM: Oh yea?
HM: Yeah. You see, Columbus' crew was all black. It was the black man in the crows nest that saw that land and shouted "Land Ho".
OM: Really?
HM: Yeah. Columbus saw the land in the morning when it was light out but the black man saw the f*****g land the night before in the darkness. So a black man is the one that discovered America.

This site made me pee my pants..

While I'm on the subject of urine:

Did any of you take part in the 2008 Food TV New York Wine and Food Festival? I'm bummed that I wasn't able to take part in any of the festivities. It looked great!

For those who have the day off, enjoy your day off. For those of us who are at work, enjoy work!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It was great having you at BeerFest, Evan.

Three cheers to next year!