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Monday, October 6, 2008

Cooking With Liquid Nitrogen

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Over the weekend I caught Food Detectives which taught me that a) bar snacks are okay to eat and are not covered in bacteria except for cheese and crackers. I'll be sure to stay away from those at the next party and b) cooking with liquid nitrogen can be fun! Not only can you shatter raspberries but you can also grind up foods such as olives into a powder to make a great meat rub. I love this show and check out one of my favorite food blogs, Ideas in Food.

Did you hear about the Fisher-price doll that apparently speaks messages of hate when it should be speaking baby talk?

Check this out...the first short film filmed entirely with a cell phone:

I think it was the piece of dark chocolate I ate last night that kept me up for awhile and when that happens...well, late night karaoke.

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