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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sacha Baron Cohen Is Amazing

I'm sure you probably have heard about this already, but Devang sent me an article about it yesterday. Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius when it comes to staging events for his films. He's been filming the new Bruno film and according to The Smoking Gun, here's what he pulled off:

Lured by $1 beer and the prospect of "hot chicks" and "hardcore fights," thousands of Arkansans were duped last month into appearing as extras in comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's latest staged mayhem. Cohen and his confederates organized cage fighting programs on consecutive days in Texarkana and Fort Smith. Both cards ended with two male grapplers (one was identified as "Straight Dave" and wore camouflage) tearing each other's clothes off and, while in underwear, kissing down their opponent's chest. This man-on-man action triggered Fort Smith fans to throw chairs and beer at the ring, according to one cop present at the city's Convention Center.

I look forward to seeing what Mr. Cohen does next.

So if you haven't already gotten an iphone and you want to buy the new 3G version, Friday morning is your opportunity. At 8AM the 3G iPhone will go on sale at Apple stores.

And for all of you Ugly Betty fans, the 3rd season will be taking place in NYC so filming has begun and Gothamist captured some photos in DUMBO.

Do you like popcorn as much as I do? Do you sometimes find your microwave burns your popcorn and you just want to air pop it the old fashioned way? Well check this out. It's the Do-It-Yourself Popcorn popper.

USB Popcorn Maker - video powered by Metacafe

I wonder if you can put butter in there?

Gee, I watched some of that new show on ABC, Wipeout. It sure did make me laugh and I could definitely see myself watching it again. It's basically just watching people getting knocked off their feet and falling into the mud and water.

And I leave you with this:

Have a great day.


Esther said...

Check out Sacha Baron Cohen duping another unsuspecting person:
The “Bruno” character also tricked an Israeli analyst described in a story in the Forward this week.

Baron Cohen was dressed in studs and leather pretending to be a German rock star. According to the article, Yossi Alphers and a Palestinian colleague played it “straight and square” but realized that it was a joke when the interviewer confused Hamas and hummus. At one point the interviewer even claimed the Jennifer-Angelina conflict was worse than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!

Evan said...

Haha..awesome..thanks esther!