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Monday, July 21, 2008

My New Low Raspy Batman Voice...Do You Like?

I hope you had a wonderful was hazy, hot, and humid but I'm sure you found a way to keep cool. And if you didn't, here's how to make your own paper fan. I got a lot done over the weekend and had a fun time with friends.

As expected, The Dark Knight set a record high this weekend at the box office, raking in $155.34 in its first weekend. Did you see it? I had heard a lot of good things about the film so I went in with high expectations. Let me just say that Heath Ledger's performance is so good that when he is on the screen you are completely mesmerized. Aaron Eckert's performance is also very very good. You have got to go see this film. The entire cast is so great in this film and Christopher Nolan's directing is super. I left this film feeling so satisfied, ready to go fight some crime and tempted to start speaking with that low, raspy Batman voice. Here's some behind-the-scenes footage from the film.

Looking for a fun weekend activity? I think I found one.

I mentioned last week about a Paterson, NJ congressman looking to ban saggy pants. Well this Chicago Suburb is ahead of the game.

Oh Johnny Boy...

Facebook is getting a facelift!

So while I was in college I came across this action figure in a clearance bin at Toys 'R Us. It was from the movie Spy Kids and I thought it looked just like Dr. Phil. So I brought it to the writers at Letterman and gave them one...they got a laugh out of it but never ended up using it. So here's a photo I took with my phone of the Official Dr. Phil Action Figure. Sorry for the blurriness.

Have a great day :-)

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