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Friday, July 18, 2008

FringeNYC 2008 Tickets Now On Sale

Be sure to get your tickets to my sister's play, Piccola Cosi before it sells out. Tickets are currently on sale. Click here to purchase and scroll down to her show to choose the date you'd like to attend. It's going to be great and I hope you will attend and show your support.

My friend Amanda works for JibJab and if you haven't already seen it, check out their new Election 2008 video. The website is awesome and you can enter your face into the movies and sendables which you can send to all of your friends. I took the new video from YouTube but encourage you to check out the website. They are doing such cool stuff and Amanda Spalinski is uber talented.

I caught part of Last Comic Standing at the gym last night and they had the contestants doing prop comedy. Carrot Top was the one judging and it made me realize that the guy is really a prop comedy genius.

I'm sure many of you have seen the website Stuff White People Like. Well now they made a book based on the popular site.

It's too bad I couldn't make it to the James Brown collection auction at Christies. Look at what we missed. Sort of a strange assortment of items and Paul Shaffer bought his medical bracelet.

And The Band Played On...


Wait a minute..something's not right. Dwight's doing the weather!

I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend. It's going to be a good weekend to be near the water or in the air conditioning at the movies. I will be seeing Batman this weekend even though the thought of Meryl and Pierce singing Abba does intrigue me. Be well and be sure to reserve your tickets to Piccola Cosi!

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