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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Need To Keep A Blogging List

During my commute I will come up with things I want to mention on this blog and then when I sit down to write this blog the things I thought of escape me. So I will now be keeping a list of blogging thoughts so that this doesn't happen. I watched most of Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night because Mia said I had to see it, especially right now and she was right. I loved it and have a huge boyish crush on Mila Kunis now.

I have been sporting my new reef flip flops on the weekends (yes they do have the bottle opener on the bottom) and I highly recommend them. I have to laugh about the bottle opener because, well, picture this... Your sporting the flip-flops and roaming the streets of New York City. A beautiful woman on the corner is trying to open a beer that rests in a brown paper bag. You approach her, take off your flip flop, grab her beer, and with the dirty bottom of your flip flop you open it. I'm sure she wants the bottom of your dirty shoe touching the beer she is about to drink from. I only wish Reef would hire me to direct this ad.

Heee-haww..Wall Street got Drunk...

Batman Assaulted Sophia from The Golden Girls? Huh? What did you say? Oh, I must be getting my news stories mixed up.

If you are traveling, watch out for "X-ray"ted airport screenings...yikes!

"But officer, I didn't have enough for my Gap jeans."

I miss Clips and Quips and I know a lot of other people do too! I want to let you know that the website is still up with some of our classic clips. So check them out and savor each little gem.

I've been meaning to post some summer recipes so here's Martha Stewarts hummus recipe:

I'm still hooked on a about you?

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Boaz Frankel said...

I miss Clips & Quips too...