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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Judge Judy Hits The Deck

Good morning everyone! So the Verizon Fios TV is up and running and it's awesome. Now I can't wait to get an HD tv and check out the HD channels. I also finally have Showtime so I can watch it on demand and catch up on Dexter, This American Life, and Californication. Very exciting stuff.

Rachel Ray Update: No call from the Rachel Ray Show yet...

I hope all of my LA readers are okay after the earthquake yesterday. Apparently they were filming Judge Judy when the earth started to rumble and the footage is already available.

I wonder who won the case?

Harry Potter fans, brace yourself. The trailer for The Half-Blood Prince has hit the internet!!!

Oh this new robot is high on the creepy meter...

And most importantly, have you gotten your Safe Sex License?

Here's a link for some really cool Google Chat emoticons. Go crazy.

I mentioned the other day that Tim Burton is doing Alice in Wonderland...well rumor has it that Johnny Depp is playing the mad hatter. Oh how I would like to help out with this film.

Have a great day and be sure to get your tickets to Piccola Cosi at the New York International Fringe Festival by clicking here.

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