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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I have a little Sundance Mug, tall and thin.

Above is the super sleek Sundance mug that Boaz sent me from Park City Utah!! I could smell Utah as I opened the white box and unwrapped the mug wrapped in orange tissue paper. I currently have it on display at my desk and have been using it for tea. It is my favorite mug!

Did you hear that Ikea built a village? I would never want to see the visual instructions for that project! Yikes!

Do you remember Smurfs? Well, of course you do. I used to collect those little blue creatures and this should stir up some memories:

Now check out this smurf related story. Hundreds of Croatians painted themselves blue and put on silly hats to beat a world record - only to find they were too late...

Time for work... have a great day!

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