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Friday, January 11, 2008


I went for my afternoon walk to Union Square yesterday and stopped off in the DSW (Discount Shoe Warehouse) hoping to find some shoes in my size and maybe even in the clearance section. I've grown up not being able to find shoes easily. I can't just go into a store find a display shoe I like and try it on in my size. Nope, I have to browse through the aisles looking up and down at every box to see if there are any size 15. Now when I walked into DSW I noticed they had employess all over trying to get shoppers to sign up for some free discount card. I spotted one man who was dressed as a woman trying hard to get people to take these discount cards. I first went to the clearance section because I have learned that most of the time many of the large size shoes are put here. I didn't find anything in my size. I started looking through the large mens collection and saw a few 15s here and there but nothing I really liked. I was then confronted by the man/woman who asked me if I wanted to sign up for a DSW Card. Here's how our exchange went:

Him/Her: Would you like to sign up for a DSW discount card?
Me: Um...
Him/Her: It allows you to save 20% for every $50 you spend.
Me: Well I don't need it because you don't seem to have many shoes in my size.
Him/Her: What size do you wear (looking down at my shoes)
Me: Size 15
Him/Her: (looking at my shoes) Really?? You look a lot more like a size 14.

I then completely rejected the card offer. I should have finished the conversation with, "yeah, and you look more like a man". Why do these people think they are all of sudden gods who can tell what your shoe size is just by looking at your shoes. And why would he/she even say that after I told him/her that I wear a size 15. don't believe me? Here, check the tag.

Oh yeah, and continuing my fascination with bathrooms...check out the new NYC public toilet. Go quickly or the doors will open once your 15 minutes is up.


BennyPhish said...

Sounds like it was probably a joke. Shim thought it was being funny, no?

Evan said...

Nope. They were serious.