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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Ten on DVD today!!

That's right, The Ten is out on DVD today. I hope you will go out and purchase it or add it to your netflix queue.

It seems as though Bill Clinton still has the power to woo-zy the ladies...

I started a mail bag and I encourage you to send me your questions which I will answer every week. The first one comes from Steven in Sweden. Steven writes:

"Hello Evan. I'd like to know what you do on your lunch break everyday?"

Great question Stevo, as many of you know, I enjoy going to Whole Foods to get a salad for lunch. What you might not know is that before I go into Whole Foods, I try getting a little exercise on the sidewalk. Take a look...

Makes me tired just watching myself. Once I get back to the office I usually eat at my desk and scour the internet for interesting news and videos. Yesterday for example, I watched Boaz's new episode of Paranormal Office!

Today's second question comes from Vanessa in Hoboken. How's the weather out there Vanessa? Vanessa wants to know:

"Hi! I'm a big fan of your blog and I wanted to know what sort of hobbies you have? What do you do for fun?"

Hey Vanessa, thanks so much for your kind words! One of my favorite hobbies is making musical instruments out of fruits and vegetables. It all started one summer when I tripped and fell into a blueberry bush in Vermont. I was covered in blueberry and one lone berry was stuck in my mouth. I breathed out slowly and heard the most beautiful tone coming from the berry. Now I make a new instrument every weekend and my friend Kahin, a very accomplished musician, demonstrates each one. Here he is playing my zucchini trumpet! Oh yeah, and just for your information he starts out talking about my inventing these amazing instruments and what a swell guy I am. Kahin, you're the best.

Send in your letters! I look forward to hearing from you and your question might even be answered next week!!

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