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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I thought I would introduce you to my work buddy, Bobo! He's a young monkey born at the Bronx Zoo and I took him in and he lives at my desk. He just began sprouting hair so we are all very excited. Be sure to come by and meet him.

I posted some Katie Couric clips on this blog awhile back and now Harry Shearer has posted some more of her in New Hampshire recently. Take a look:

Have you seen the new MacBook Air? Oh how I want one...maybe some day soon...

And now it's time for a Wednesday news blooper!

Just about everyone I know has seen Rent on broadway. I still have yet to see it and just read that it will be closing on June 1st. I guess I should go see it eh?


BennyPhish said...

Am I the only one that doesn't like Katie?

Evan said...

Nope. That's why her ratings are so low.