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Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow...snow..wait, where's the snow????

So the meteorologists got me all excited last night with talk of up to 9 inches of snow in NJ. I stayed up late staring at the window, nosed pressed against the glass my eyes scanning the dark sky begging for a flake. (okay, it was more like Elissa and I stayed up late watching Stardust, which we both enjoyed).

Did you hear about Mark Malkoff? He spent a week inside the Paramus Ikea and documented it. You can watch footage of his week here. If I had to spend a week in a store I think I would pick Ikea. Everynight you can try sleeping in a different bed. And did someone say endless supply of Swedish meatballs and ligonberry juice? Sounds like a vacation to me. He had cart races with night security and his personal trainer came to work him out (using checkout belts as a treadmill can be fun!).

This weekend was a lot of fun. Dinner with Ben and Rachel on Saturnight at Shanghai Jazz where you can eat Chinese food and hear live jazz!! Mr. Roy Meriwether tickled the keys and played some of his favorites. It was a lot of fun and a night wouldn't be complete without some Wii play. Yesterday Elissa and I drove into the city to have brunch at Asha's. The food was good and it was great seeing everyone. It had been awhile.

I hope you are excited about The Ten being released on DVD tomorrow.

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