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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nudist Air

Let me start off this Tuesday with an interesting article that will have German nudists jumping for joy.

I know Mardi Gras is around the corner and Brazil is getting ready to celebrate Carnival and the government is urging its people to practice safe sex and is handing out condoms. This reminds me of probably my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie...have you seen it? You can search for clips on Youtube and I highly recommend trying to find a copy. It really outshines my other favorite Arnold movie, Jingle All The Way.

Last night I went to see Elissa's middle school basketball team, The Lady Dodgers play against the Whippany Vikings in the tournament. Unfortunately, the Lady Dodgers lost to Whippany, a very agressive team with a coach who yelled at the players like you wouldn't believe. Come on, this is middle school! I'm glad I was able to go to show some support and some of the middle school kids from Whippany were so annoying I had the sudden urge to spray them with a hose. Okay, maybe I shouldn't be a middle school teacher.

Here are my picks of this week's best new DVD releases:

1) King of California
2) The Invasion
3) Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Sixth Season
4) The Nines
5) Rocket Science

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