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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crazy Bus Driver and First Day of School

Last night was my first class as an MA student at Gallatin. The course seems as though it is going to be really interesting although I have to get used to being a student again, especially after a long day of work. When class was over I hurried myself to port authority to try to catch the 9:00 bus back to NJ. I find a seat and before I know it the bus driver is talking very loudly into the microphone. He's very animated and tells people that there will be no cell phone conversations from your seat. If you want to make a call, go to the back of the bus to talk. Turn all cell phones to silent because there are a lot of people on this bus who worked all day and this is their time to relax.

"Hey, I like this driver" I thought to myself. About halfway through the trip the bus driver's cell phone rang loudly and he answered it. He was driving too fast and very agressivly. What is wrong with him? The driving got worse as I got closer to my destination and I just wanted off. I stood up as my stop approached. He was tailgaiting a car in the right lane, he swerved left to go around the car and then back into the right lane where he quickly applied the brakes and opened the bus doors to let me off. Good thing I was holding on to the metal pole in front of me. I stepped off the bus to the smell of burning rubber and the bus took off once again.

I was thinking of calling to report him last night but I didn't. I probably won't get on his bus again next week though. We'll see.

Not to scare you sushi lovers but take a look at this article on tuna sushi in New York.

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