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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ready to know what the people know, ask 'em my questions and get some answers

Okay, take a deep breathe in.....and release. Again. Deep breathe, and release. Feeling good? Good. That my friends, is called bloggercise. That's right, or deep blogeathing. Okay, good workout.

Al Sharpton knows how to get down. He was showing his moves bumping and grinding at the Apollo. Whop Whop.

Birds strike again, luckily no one was hurt.

Perhaps you've seen this already. A woodland creature in the interview room? NOOOO


Steve Carrel rumored to play Billy Mays in a movie about the pitchman?

Here's something fun: The Top 10 World's Weirdest Festivals.

All you disney fans, here's a great blog.

I had a race with the rain yesterday and won. It was fun, you should try it sometime. There was hail in NJ and I'm just wondering if we'll get a taste of summer anytime soon. I sure hope so.

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