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Monday, July 20, 2009

The New York Lotto is Now...

Some people will say that I'm a lucky person and luck was on my side once again on Saturday. I haven't been to see a Broadway show in quite some time and I had been wanting to see West Side Story. Most shows now have lottery rush ticket systems in place. You go 2.5 hours before showtime and enter your name along with a bunch of others. A half-hour later, names are drawn and those people get to see the show, sit in the front row, and pay way below face value. So there I was at 10:45, waiting in the lottery line to enter my name. Lauren was booking it up to try her luck at 9 to 5 for their lottery. It was time for the West Side Story lottery drawing. 18 front row tickets, 2 tickets each, that means 9 people would be chosen, unless of course there were singles. Two people chosen so far, not me. Bingo. My name was called. I flashed my ID and cash to the man in charge and was escorted inside and told to stand along the gold doors with the other winners. Five minutes later, I had scored two tickets to the matinee show and they were front row and they were $26.50. That's right, I want to live in America, for a small fee in America.

Two hours and a sandwich and dandelion soda later, Lauren and I were in the front row of the theater, high-fiving the conductor and prepping our petry dishes for any saliva that might be coming our way. The show was great, the choreography and music incredible, but there was one actor who ruined the show for me. The actor who was cast as Tony. I'm not going into the reasons why, but he definitely stands out as the weakest link in this production.

The show was over, the crowd went wild and we decided that at 6:00 we would try to win tickets to the 9 to 5 lottery drawing. Cut to 6:00, outside the Marriot Marquis Theater. I fill out my name and number and place it in the silver box. Lauren and Karen enter their names as well. Half an hour later, the crowd is gathered, waiting for their names to be called. Who will it be...

Lottery Man: And the next winner is...let's see here... Evan..N..hmmm...Ni..
Me: (yelling out) Nisenson

As my hand goes up, I make my way to the winners line and then am once again brought in to purchase the tickets.

Two lottery winnings in one day? What was going on? Why me? Why today? It was definitely some of the most fun I have had in quite some time, and the first time I had seen two Broadway shows in one day. It reminded me of Sundance, so I'm naming this day Fundance. I'm corny. Get used to it.

After the show we saw an uberfan running like crazy to find the area by the stage door where the cast would emerge. We were hot on their trail and they lead us right to the pack of wolves.

Some of you may be stuck at an airport right now due to a delayed flight. I thought I'd share with you some of the world's worst airports to sleep in.

Pool jumping seems to be all the rage these days. No, not jumping into the pool. Jumping out:

For all of you who have had your bike stolen, here's a site you'll enjoy.

Take a look at this clip of cops pulling over and older woman for driving too slow.

So sad to see that Frank McCourt passed away but his writing will live on forever.

Article on Sacha Baron Cohen...

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